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Mechanical and Electrical Repairs

Your car or truck may be suffering from the wear and tear of aging in a summer climate. Maybe it was caught in a storm or flood and had water damage. Alternatively, perhaps it was recently involved in an accident of some sort. Now, the systems are not working, and you need vehicle electrical repair. At Jerry Rhynes Collision Repair, we are the professionals you can turn to for smart advice, skillful workmanship and reasonable prices.

Whether your problem is a shorted out wire that keeps the power windows from operating or major damage that prevents your car from running, we will accurately diagnose the trouble and perform your vehicle electrical repair to your absolute satisfaction. We have been successfully meeting the needs of customers in the greater Charlotte area for almost 40 years and have accumulated experience in every kind of vehicle electrical repair large and small. We are ASE Certified, and all our repairs have a lifetime warranty. Also, because we are a preferred insurance shop, we make your claim process as easy as possible.


The alternator supplies electricity to all your automobile’s systems, so its malfunction calls for immediate vehicle electrical repair. The alternator generates current that feeds essential operations like keeping the battery charged, the headlights on, fans operating and ignition functioning. It fuels everything that is electric-powered, including the radio, power windows and air conditioning, too.

You want your vehicle electrical repair professional at Jerry Rhynes Collision Repair to check the alternator drive belt every time your oil is changed. A loose belt could easily lessen the alternator’s efficiency causing the battery to run down gradually and other things to malfunction.

Have us review your whole charging system once a year, like when Daylight Saving Time begins each spring for example. Also, come to us for vehicle electrical repair if you experience symptoms like an unexplained dead battery, frequent warning lights or bulb burn-outs or dim dashboard lights or headlights.


The battery sends necessary electricity to the automobile’s starter and ignition system to get your vehicle going and, like the alternator, when it begins to fail you will need vehicle electrical repair very quickly. The battery maintains constant voltage to assure your car’s smooth operation in all climates and weather conditions. In addition, it provides extra power if the alternator needs an assist, which could mask a bad alternator for a short time.

We want to head off an emergency vehicle electrical repair visit by checking your battery strength and all its connections with each oil change. In addition, we at Jerry Rhynes Collision Repair advise replacing your battery every three or four years to prevent deterioration caused by aging.

Starter and Ignition

The starter uses power from the battery to fire up your automobile’s engine when you engage the ignition. It is important for your vehicle electrical repair mechanic test the starter’s and ignition’s performance at least once a year to be certain they are working efficiently.


Modern vehicles are monitored and regulated by computers that determine the efficiency of fuel injectors, spark plugs, steering and more. If something malfunctions, your vehicle’s computer will engage “Check Engine” lights to alert you to come to us for vehicle electrical repair. Our diagnostic equipment will identify the problem and help us determine the right parts and appropriate procedure to get you back on the road.

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