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Fleet Repairs

Whether you are an owner-operator or the manager of a fleet of semi-trucks, you know that an idle truck makes no money. When a vehicle is off of the road for any type of truck repair, every hour is costing you the opportunity to make money.

At Jerry Rhyne’s Collision Repair, we provide all services required to keep your trucks on the road and producing income. We have a reputation for providing the fastest turnaround times for truck repair in the Charlotte area. It is our goal to provide your truck with experienced mechanics and the top-quality parts required to keep it on the road and functioning at peak capacity.

Regular Maintenance is Key

We want to be your partner in keeping your semi-truck on the road and free of problems. The best way to avoid breakdowns that could occur at the worst times is to prevent problems by scheduling routine maintenance and truck repair services at times that are convenient for your schedule. By handling small problems as they occur, you can avoid a major incident when on the road.

There are some regular maintenance and truck repair services that are required for every truck on the road. By taking care of these on a scheduled basis, you will keep your trucks running much more smoothly and trouble-free. If an issue does arise, it will most likely be a minor one that is easily fixed.

Standard truck repair and maintenance services include:

  • Oil changes based on vehicle requirements
  • Tire replacement as needed, or as required by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s (USDOT) specifications
  • Inspection of air-ride or spring suspension parts
  • Brakes replaced as required and supporting systems inspected for wear
  • Normal lubrication of parts to minimize friction
  • Wheel alignment to ensure that the vehicle handles easier and provides a smooth ride
  • Inspection of transmission system
  • Fluid levels checked regularly

USDOT regulates the trucking industry and requires certain standards of safety as well as maintenance. Drivers are responsible for inspecting their own vehicles twice a day, so that minor problems are discovered early and can be quickly addressed for a truck repair. As all commercial drivers know, it is important not to accumulate points for your company’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration score, since exceeding the maximum score can result in fines, the truck being out of service and a possible loss of commercial driving privileges. Penalties are especially likely if the driver is negligent in any aspect of truck repair or maintenance.

With all of these safety and maintenance requirements in place, semi-truck drivers have a lot of responsibility to keep their vehicles in excellent condition. Our highly skilled mechanics at Jerry Rhyne’s Collision Repair will work with you to ensure that all requirements are met and that your truck repair and maintenance services are provided with the least amount of downtime.

When you are in need of any truck repair or maintenance, just contact us at Jerry Rhyne’s Collision Repair. You will receive the best parts, the most skilled mechanics, and the fastest turnaround time as components of your truck repair.

If you have a fleet of vehicles and are looking for a solid and ongoing solution, contact us today to find out more about how we can solve your fleet repair needs!