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Auto Glass Replacement and Repair

There are many reasons that you may require auto glass repair or replacement. Whether your vehicle has been in an accident, has been the victim of a break-in or has been hit with a heavy stone or debris from the road, we are here to provide top-quality auto glass repair or replacement. We aim to restore your auto glass to like-new condition.

Our qualified technicians will examine the damage and determine the best course of action for your auto glass repair or replacement.

If you have even a small crack or blemish on your auto glass, you need to have it examined by a professional. Why? In our experience, a small crack can become a large problem if the glass is subjected to extreme heat or harsh driving conditions. Without the proper auto glass repair, your windshield could violently shatter while driving. Auto glass repair is not only a cosmetic issue but a structural and safety issue as well.

All in all, you should never put off having an experienced technician evaluate damage to your windshield. If neglected, your repair costs will increase if a small blemish suddenly spreads and causes serious problems. Jerry Rhyne’s Collision Repair technicians are always happy to provide you with answers to your questions, advice on the auto glass repair or replacement required, and an estimate as to the cost. We can also check to determine whether the damage will be covered by your insurance.

It is always a good idea, no matter what insurance coverage you have, to include total glass coverage. That coverage will provide the best level of reimbursement should you require an auto glass repair or replacement.

The Purpose of Your Windshield

A vehicle’s windows and windshields have multi-purpose features. They include:

  • Protecting the interior of the vehicle from the weather
  • Shielding the occupants from wind
  • Protecting the interior from moisture
  • Keeping the interior temperature levels consistent
  • Providing structural support
  • Keeping flying debris or insects from entering the vehicle

Remember that it is dangerous to drive with even a small imperfection in your windows or windshield. An experienced technician in auto glass repair should always evaluate any damage and advise you as to the best course of action.

We at Jerry Rhyne’s Collision Repair have extensive experience with auto glass repair and replacement and can ensure a perfect repair or a perfect seal, should you require a replacement of your window or windshield. We can service domestic or imported autos, no matter what make or model.

A perfectly fitted window or windshield creates the perfect seal that you should expect with any auto glass repair or replacement, which means that you have less outside noise entering the vehicle and no drafts affecting the occupants.

As with all of our auto body repairs and refinishing, we offer complete customer service options. These options range from a free shuttle service to take you home to washing and cleaning every vehicle upon completion of work to offering rental cars.

Contact us today to schedule a glass repair appointment for your vehicle!