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Be Safe. Replace Your Windshield.

Your automobile windshield will last for a very long time, but it won’t stay in peak condition for very long. Windshields can take a great deal of damage before they break.  Rocks, grit, weather and time will leave visible marks on your windshield.  You might be able to see the road through all the cracks, marks, and scratches, but that doesn’t mean it’s safe to drive.  There is a line between inconvenient and dangerous, and you should certainly find an auto glass repair shop before you cross that line.  You don’t need to replace your windshield every time is gets a small scratch, but knowing when to replace it

A good rule of thumb to follow: replace your windshield if the damage obscures your view of the road.  Sometimes driving requires split second reactions to avoid an accident, and any sizable obstruction can block your view and limit your ability to react.  You draw the line between a usable and unusable windshield.  Perhaps a few scratches don’t bother you or a small crack in your windshield does not interfere with your driving.  However, it is important to note that you should not strain yourself to see out of your windshield.

While replacing your windshield is an extreme example, it is not the only one.

Whether you’re dealing with a spider web crack made by a large object hitting your windshield or a single crack seemingly out of nowhere, it is important to understand that any blemish on your windshield can be dangerous.

A crack is a hairline break in the glass that can reflect and refract light off the surface which can cause a distraction while driving or can cover your view of the road.

Small scratches in your windshield can cause a huge problem at dawn and dusk.  Most small scratches aren’t visible during normal daylight hours, but they will show up when light is coming at them.

Blemishes are debilitating while driving at dawn or dusk if you’re driving towards the sun.  The light will reflect off the surface of the scratches.  If you have scratches covering a large part of your windshield, you’re putting yourself and everyone else on the road with you at risk.  Hazardous conditions such as this mean that it’s time to visit an auto glass repair shop and get a new windshield.

A hole of any size in your windshield is a problem, perhaps not right now, but it will grow larger in the future.  Small holes can appear for any number of reasons but will grow larger over time.  Again, light reflecting off the hole can cause a distraction, and the hole will expand from general wear and tear from the weather.  A large hole can let in air and flying debris that will certainly be a problem while driving.

Additionally, the state in which you live could render this illegal as it will not be able to pass inspection.

Replacing your windshield at an auto glass repair shop if damaged isn’t simply a good idea, but a smart and safe one.  If the damage isn’t too obstructive, you might be able to get by with a simple repair.  If the damage is smaller than a dollar bill, it can be repaired with a few minutes of work and a bit of resin.  Taking the time and money to repair auto glass can add years to your windshield, but it sometimes it can’t fix the problem.