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Does Your Auto Body Shop Offer Towing Services?

Having trouble with your car is one of the worst and most annoying problems to have. This is particularly true if you only have one car and you depend on it to get to your job and for other necessities. If you were involved in an accident, your car died, or it won’t start, you […]

How Paintless Dent Removal Keeps Your Car Looking Brand New

If you drive long enough, unless you are extremely lucky, you will probably at one point or another be involved in some sort of accident. Fender-benders and minor crashes happen to pretty much everyone. They can be frustrating and, even if the damage is minimal, quite costly. However, if your car was in a small […]

The Importance of Complete Collision Repair

If you have ever gotten into a car accident, even if it was just a minor one, you know how scary and frustrating they can be. The latter is especially true if the accident was not your fault and was caused by a reckless or careless driver. There are a lot of things to worry […]

Choosing the Right Auto Body Shop

That mailbox came out of nowhere, you swear. And although you only clipped it, it really did a number on your car’s passenger-side door. In addition to scraping off a good amount of paint, you now have a pretty sizable dent. You feel like a fool (mostly because it was your own mailbox), but now […]

Be Safe. Replace Your Windshield.

Your automobile windshield will last for a very long time, but it won’t stay in peak condition for very long. Windshields can take a great deal of damage before they break.  Rocks, grit, weather and time will leave visible marks on your windshield.  You might be able to see the road through all the cracks, […]

We Save You Money on Auto Body Repair

Getting into a minor car accident in Charlotte,  isn’t the end of the world, even though it might feel like it.  Whatever the damage, Jerry Rhyne’s urges you to contact your insurance provider and the police to file an incident report.  You might be able to drive your car away from the fender bender, but […]

Superior Auto Body Repair in the Charlotte Area

You have many choices when it comes to auto body repair in the Charlotte area. Why should you choose Jerry Rhyne’s Collision Repair? As a result of our hardworking, well-trained, and experienced mechanics working alongside our auto body specialists, you can rest assured that your vehicle will be returned to you in excellent condition. We […]

Call Us for Collision Repair in Charlotte

North Carolina is one of the leading states when it comes to automobile accidents, and Charlotte is one of its largest cities. Collision repair in Charlotte is a huge necessity, as other drivers will always be unpredictable. Therefore, it is important to have an auto collision shop that you can trust. Jerry Rhynes Collision is […]