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4 Signs Your Truck Has an Electrical Problem

Since you do a lot of driving, you probably have a good sense of your truck. If anything is off or just does not feel right, most likely you notice it pretty early on. However, there are certain parts of your truck that could have problems without you being able to recognize them right away. This is particularly true of your electrical system.

Here are the three main components of this system and what they do:


The battery provides the electricity for the vehicle until the vehicle is turned on, including the current to the ignition as well as the fuel systems. These create the necessary combustion for the engine to run.


When the starter gets power from the battery, it rotates the flywheel. This turns the crankshaft to start the pistons in the engine moving.


When your truck is on, the alternator is responsible for keeping the battery charged and making sure the electrical system stays running. If a vehicle has a bad alternator, it may still start, but it will not be able to run for very long.

Here are four things you need to look out for to determine if your truck needs an electrical repair:

1.Your Truck Will Not Start

Quite obviously, this is a big sign of a problem, and the culprit could be any of the parts of the electrical system. If the interior lights did not come on when you opened the door, chances are you have a dead battery. If the lights did come on, the issue probably lies with the alternator. Finally, if when you turn the key you hear a clicking sound, the starter is most likely to blame.


2.The Lights Dim

Another sign of an issue either with the battery or alternator is when your headlights or dashboard lights dim when you are idling or driving at a low speed. This could mean that the battery is ready to die and is having difficulty holding a charge or that something else is wrong with the alternator.

3.The Brake Lights Don’t Work

If your brake lights have suddenly stopped working, the first thing you should do is have the bulbs replaced. If they still do not work, you may need to check the fuses.

4.The Battery is Corroded

If you see corrosion stains around the terminal on your battery, this could mean a few different things. It could be a sign of a leak, its lifespan is almost over, or another problem. The best thing to do is have the battery replaced as soon as possible.

If your truck is experiencing any of these issues or you suspect something else is wrong with your electrical system, come see us at Jerry Rhyne’s Collision. Our technicians will take a thorough look at your truck, figure out exactly what is wrong, and make sure everything gets the necessary attention. When it comes to vehicle electrical repairs, nobody can beat our service and experience!